Growth Capital Strategy

Growth Credit

Kayne Anderson targets “off the run” opportunities with embedded complexity. Being a creative provider of capital and/or liquidity solutions provides opportunities to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Strategy

We partner with disciplined and motivated management teams who use our capital, knowledge and resources to grow – whether that’s market share, revenue, or profitability. Our debt is flexible and minimally dilutive, allowing founders and early investors to retain more ownership of their business, while working with a value-add partner.

Investment Criteria

  • North America lower-middle market
  • VC or PE-backed or bootstrapped companies
  • $10-30+ million initial investments
  • Up to 5 year maturities
  • Proceeds for runway extension, M&A, fueling growth, and refinance existing debt


  • Senior, subordinated, convertible, and unitranche structures
    • Cash & PIK interest
    • Upside participation
    • Equity co-invest

Company Profile

  • $10-75M+ revenue (recurring or re-occurring)
  • High y/y growth
  • Attractive & sustainable margins
  • EBITDA+ or path to profitability
  • Demonstrated capital efficiency
  • Sufficient liquidity and/or access to capital markets
  • Measurable Customer ROI
  • Sponsor backed or Bootstrapped

Target Industries

  • Supply chain & logistics
  • Media & telecom
  • Business process automation
  • Financial technology
  • Healthcare
  • Security, compliance & infrastructure