Our Strategies

Real Estate

Since 2007, Kayne Anderson Real Estate has invested in alternative real estate sectors including medical office, high-end seniors housing, off-campus student housing/multifamily, and self-storage. Our vertically integrated team brings expertise in all aspects of real estate investing and management to each of our investments.

Why Real Estate?

Kayne Anderson Real Estate invests in alternative real estate sectors including medical office buildings, seniors housing, student housing, multifamily, and self-storage.

These sectors feature favorable dynamics

  • Highly fragmented ownership
  • Barriers to entry, specialized knowledge requirement, and operational intensity
  • Low correlation to the broader economy with strong performance throughout downturns
  • Strong risk-adjusted cash-on-cash yields
  • Aggregation premium for large, stabilized portfolios

Coupling these dynamics with Kayne Anderson Real Estate’s distinctive advantages in sourcing, financing, operating, and exiting creates a favorable environment for attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

    • Deep relationships in target sectors enable Kayne Anderson Real Estate to have a “first and last look” at a majority of significant deals
    • Extensive network of property managers, operating partners, health and hospital systems, and other large operating partners
    • Reputation for quick response, firm commitment, timely execution, and transparency
    • Strong relationships with lenders and their respective senior executives enable Kayne Anderson Real Estate to achieve best-in-class terms, receive priority execution, and maximize lender allocations – effectively creating tailored lending programs with relationship lenders
    • Joint venture partnerships with best-in-class operators with extensive experience in each asset class
    • Partners invest their own capital in each deal, creating a true alignment of interests
    • In-house professionals in law, finance, and design & construction, with expert third-parties for comprehensive due diligence
    • Active in-house, hands-on asset management team with broad knowledge and expertise in development and operational issues
    • Strong, strategic relationships with numerous institutional buyers – REITs, sovereign wealth funds, and asset managers looking to invest in high-quality, fully stabilized real estate portfolios

Investment Strategy

Kayne Anderson Real Estate focuses on medical office, high-end seniors housing, off-campus student housing/multifamily, and self-storage, all of which exhibit strong demographic trends and historical resistance to economic downturns.

By targeting investments ranging in size from $25 million to $1 billion+, Kayne Anderson Real Estate enhances value through asset consolidation and the creation of geographically diverse portfolios.

The cornerstone of Kayne Anderson Real Estate’s investment strategy is our ability to apply our deep professional real estate experience and extensive network to bring value to fragmented sectors experiencing growth but lacking capital efficiencies and sophisticated operational and investment focus. Our seasoned real estate professionals in acquisitions, development, asset management, design and construction management, marketing, legal, accounting, and operations bring a full complement of skills to each asset in which we invest, enabling us to manage and operate our assets to create maximum value.


Kayne Anderson Real Estate is dedicated to delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors and contributing to a more sustainable world. The best way we can fulfill our commitments to our investors, the environment, and society is by integrating ESG principles into the management of our investments and company.

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