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Energy Private Equity

Kayne Energy Private Equity has been one of the most successful investors in the upstream oil and gas sector since 1992. Kayne launched its Private Energy Income Funds strategy in 2014/2015

to target opportunistic acquisitions of long-life, low-risk onshore oil and gas assets.

  • 11 Funds

    Raised Since Inception

  • $9.0B+

    Invested Equity Capital Since Inception

  • 130+

    Energy Investments Since Inception

Investment Fundamentals

Target Large-Scale, Cash Flow Generating Assets

Focus on acquiring large-scale, producing oil and gas assets with low production decline rates and select, high-confidence development inventory

Generate Significant Cash Distributions

Emphasize quickly returning capital to investors through substantial, recurring equity distributions

Reduce Risk & Commodity Price Volatility

Manage downside risk by (i) targeting assets that have robust margins and predictable free cash flows, (ii) utilizing modest financial leverage and (iii) hedging forecasted production to mitigate commodity price volatility

Build Attractive Businesses with High-Quality Management Teams

Partner with experienced, talented management teams driven to build profitable, cash-flowing businesses in the North American energy space

Be a Responsible Steward of Capital

Maintaining our investors’ trust is paramount, so foster a culture that rewards hard work, integrity and making sound investment decisions in a socially and environmentally responsible way

Strategy Highlights

  • Seeking equity investments of $200 to $500+ million to acquire large, producing oil and gas assets behind high-quality management teams
  • Targeting attractive, risk-adjusted returns through a combination of current income and capital appreciation
  • Strong bias toward assets that generate predictable and significant free cash flow, which provides flexibility in capital allocation and supports significant cash distributions to investors
  • Highly focused on risk mitigation and capital preservation through commodity hedging strategies and modest use of leverage
  • Experienced investment team maintains a hands-on approach with our management teams throughout the life of an investment

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Select Prior Investments

  • Axia Energy

  • Ensign Natural Resources

  • Plains All American Pipeline

  • SilverHill Energy Partners

  • Treadstone Energy Partners II

Private Energy Income Funds

  • $1,550,300,000

  • $1,700,000,000

Kayne Anderson Energy Funds

  • $112,500,000

  • $240,000,000

  • $550,000,000

  • $950,000,000

  • $950,000,000

  • $1,600,000,000

  • $2,051,450,000

  • $1,004,070,000


We believe our support for ESG integration has a positive impact on our portfolio companies, investors and society at large.

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A cohesive team with an engineering-centric approach to capital investment value creation.