Growth Capital Strategy

Value-Add Network

Entrepreneurs face similar challenges regardless of the end-markets they target and these phases of growth tend to be consistent as the revenues of the company continue to grow.

Our Vendor Network

Kayne Partners experience across 50+ portfolio companies has enabled the team to develop consistent processes to add value through key hires, resource and product enhancements, infrastructure and scalable operational processes, capital formation planning and corporate development support.

We believe value is maximized when we are aligned with an entrepreneur, including meaningful equity for management. We advise our companies to take the right amount of capital to achieve the greatest impact.

Vendor Network

Access to broader network of resources

  • Curated selection of respected vendors
  • Negotiated service agreements to obtain preferred pricing
  • Sales partnership opportunities

Women’s Technology Circle

Our team has initiated a portfolio-wide initiative to connect mid-to-high-level female team members to promote leadership and career development.

  • We identified a white space for networking and mentorship for female executives across our base of portfolio companies
  • Monthly newsletter featuring interviews with representative leadership within the circle as well as aspiring leaders outside as well
  • Small-group virtual meetings are organized, with content focused on professional development and goal-setting
  • Nearly 80%+ participation across the portfolio

Our People

We are a vertically integrated team of 85+ professionals across Real Estate Investments, Design and Construction, Legal, Accounting, and Investor Relations.