Credit Strategy

Infrastructure Credit

High current yield, defensive, opportunistic.

Liquid credit strategy with a singular emphasis on infrastructure debt issuers that pay attractive yields and have historically exhibited an extremely low incidence of credit loss.

Investment Fundamentals

Produce attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns while providing investors the ability to match capital with opportunity as market conditions evolve.

Compelling Total Return

  • High current yields and capital appreciation potential

Low Incidence of Default

  • Infrastructure debt has experienced one-third the credit loss as comparably rated issues

Mispriced Asset Class

  • Misconstrued credit risk and across asset-class dislocations can result in above market yields with low credit risk

Integrated Team

  • Fully integrated debt and equity teams of 20 investment professionals with an average of 18+ years of experience

Research Driven Process

  • Highly experienced, integrated investment team thoroughly analyzes and continually assess each issuer’s idiosyncratic credit risk

Powerful Macroeconomic Tailwinds

  • Energy transition, energy security, and sustainability will drive demand for energy infrastructure for multiple decades

Our People

Liquid credit team is fully integrated with broader marketable securities team, managing assets across energy, infrastructure and renewable strategies.